Disaster Report 4 New Details

It has been well over 8 years since the last Disaster Report was released for the PSP. After the horrific Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the game was canceled. Considering the game was planning to use the then new PlayStation Move as well as support 3D TVs it’s a shame that it never made the light of day.




In 2014 Granzella got the rights to the series and now they are working hard on the latest installment of this unique survival franchise.


According to the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, this time around you can customize your character by choosing a gender, name, face, hair and starting clothes. After getting caught in an earthquake you try to escape the deteriorating city while choosing who you want to join during your survival. Disaster Report 4 will feature over 60 characters each with their own backstory.



As expected of survival games you will have to eat food and in a twist also be sure to go to the toilet. You will be able to find new clothing and how you go around wearing it can be the difference between life and death, for example removing the heels from your shoes to run faster and removing stockings to not catch on fire.



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