Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Season Pass Review (PS4)

Disgaea is among our favorite franchises. It was one of Nippon Ichi Software’s first series that made it to the west and has remained popular ever since. Its wacky, lighthearted and self-aware nature got a huge following. Disgaea 5 continues that tradition with its newest season pass which brings back old time characters.



DLC Scenarios


Each of the DLC scenarios come in the form of 3 unique missions, all generally set in different worlds. These scenarios can be activated at any time and scale up in difficulty depending how far you have progressed in the main campaign. With that said each of the DLC scenarios take from 30-50 minutes to complete start to finish, so they are more of a side activity then something you would invest hours in.


After you beat these three maps the characters you met along the way will officially join your group. Another bonus for completing each of these missions are special save icons with your new allies which you can activate from the settings menu.


Unfortunately, these small excursions only feature Killia from Disgaea 5 with all the other characters surprisingly missing. What’s more, this part of the game is not voiced so it feels more of an afterthought than like the ones we got in the past games.


Disgaea D2: Laharl Episode – The Legend Begins


Disgaea 5 - Disgaea D2


Killia meets up with Laharl and Etna who are causing mischief. By the end you will be fighting it out with the whole main cast of Disgaea D2.


• Laharl
• Etna
• Flonne
• Sicily


Disgaea 4: Valvatorez Episode – The Prinny Coach


Disgaea 5 - Disgaea 4 Valvatorez


A Prinny accidentally forgets to say dood at the end of a sentence. Valvatorez comes to take the Prinny for reeducation, while Killia tries to stop him.


• Valvatorez
• Fenrich
• Artina


Disgaea 4: Fuka Episode – Innocent Girl Theater


Disgaea 5 - Disgaea 4


Fuka is feeling down recently. Desco and Emizel go searching for Killia, thinking it is because Fuka is in love with him.


• Fuka
• Desco
• Emizel


Disgaea 3: Mao Episode – The Field Trip


Disgaea 5 - Disgaea 3 Mao


Mao, Raspberyl and Salvatore are all on a field trip. Killia has to prevent them from causing too many problems while they are having fun.


• Mao
• Raspberyl
• Salvatore


Disgaea 3: Almaz Episode – Lover’s Quarrel


Disgaea 5 - Disgaea 3 Almaz


After Sapphire and Almaz get into a lovers quarrel it’s up to Killia to save the day and prevent the couple from causing havoc in the Netherworld.


• Almaz
• Sapphire


Disgaea 2: Adell Episode – Championship Tournament


Disgaea 5 - Disgaea 2


When the infamous Axel organizes a martial arts tournament Killa and Adell decide to join in.


• Adell
• Rozalin
• Axel


Makai Kingdom: Zetta Episode – Time Traveling


Disgaea 5 - Makai Kingdom


Pram’s prophecies are never wrong. Now she made a new one – Misery will befall Zetta if he meets Killia. Petta decides to stop Killia for her father’s sake.



• Zetta
• Pram
• Petta


La Pucelle: Priere Episode – The Crazy Overlord
Disgaea 5 - La Pucelle


Overlord Priere is looking for the most powerful demons in order to defeat them. It’s up to Killia to stop her mad rampage.



• Overlord Priere



DLC Characters


Disgaea 5 - Characters
In addition to the scenarios there are a bunch of DLC characters, including Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Nisa who uses a Prinny gun and The Witch and Hundred Knight’s Metallia who is a monster type.


• Pleinair
• Girl Laharl
• Kunoichi
• Celestial Hostess
• Nisa
• Sorcerer
• Metallia



As far as scenarios go the season pass for Disgaea 5 is nothing that you must run out and buy. Newcomers will probably have little incentive to get these, as they are primarily for long time fans. If you are a huge fan of the series and would love to play with your favorite characters you probably will get your money’s worth out of this 5 plus hour excursion, but for everyone else the main game provides enough content to not warrant these small side stories.



Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Season Pass is available on the PlayStation Store for £28.99

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