Disgaea PC Coming to Steam!

One of the greatest SRPGs is coming to Steam! Disgaea PC as it is called will be the first PC version of this iconic franchise. This PC version will feature all the elements you have come to love, from silly characters to hardcore grinding to the infamous level 9999.


Disgaea PC won’t be just a straightforward port but will also have a number of new additions, including: Updated UI and textures, keyboard/mouse and controller support, all content from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness PSP version, and Steam features, such as achievements, cloud saves, badges, and trading cards.


DisgaeaPC-A2 DisgaeaPC-A1

DisgaeaPC-B1B DisgaeaPC-B2


Purists will be delighted to hear that the game will have both the new and old UI and visuals available.


If you have never had the oppertunity to play Disgaea before be sure to pick up Disgaea PC when it comes out in February 2016.


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