DNF Duel launching Summer 2022, three new characters teased

Nexon has revealed via a new trailer that the Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off DNF Duel will launch during summer 2022.

The title is currently confirmed for PS4 and PS5, with no other platforms announced at this time. Considering that Dungeon Fighter Online is PC only, a release for that platform seems likely.

While the trailer showed off many previously announced characters (all playable during the first beta test), we also got a brief look at three new arrivals.

Ghostblade, another Male Slayer subclass alongside Berserker, had the most time to shine, revealing some tag team moves with his ghostly sidekick. Some clips of Female Mechanic and Troubleshooter were included as well, if only for a split second.

A summer 2022 release window means that DNF Duel is still at least half a year away. This gives the devs a decent amount of time to polish the game’s mechanics and potentially fix the online issues present during the beta.

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