Do You Want Guilty Gear Xrd on Wii U?

A few days ago, the Arc System Works USA twitter account linked to a petition created by a dedicated Guilty Gear fan. The petition states that they would like Guilty Gear Xrd, the newest entry in the series, to come to the Wii U.




While the petition has been shared on quite a few different sites, it is still a fair few signatures away from its intended 7500 signature goal. I figured that there were few better places than here to share this, considering how popular our Guilty Gear Xrd announcement post was.


I should mention that even if this petition does get the required amount of likes, there’s no guarantee that a Wii U version will be made. However, like Project Diva F proved, fan feedback is important to game companies, so it’s definitely worth a shot!


If you want Guilty Gear on Wii U, make sure to sign the petition here.

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