Donkey Kong Actor Plans to Sue Nintendo

 Donkey Kong Actor Plans to Sue Nintendo

Nintendo recently held an event at a zoo in order to promote Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. A man was hired to wear a big Donkey Kong suit to entertain the children and, in theory, it should have been a lovely little event. Sadly, it seems that the actor in the suit was actually made to work in rather unpleasant conditions which, it appears, had a rather detrimental effect on his health and so he is now trying to sue Nintendo.


As I’m sure you can imagine it can get extremely hot inside those giant animal costumes and it looks like he was performing on quite a sunny day, too. But apparently he was denied breaks or an ice pack to cool himself off and this has actually lead to him developing a serious heart condition. I can’t help but wonder if these are things that may have been more the responsibility of the zoo (or at least partially) rather than solely because of Nintendo.


It’s quite sad, I think, when something which is supposed to be nice ends up being not really very nice at all. You can watch a video of him playing Donkey Kong below:



So they’re finally here,
Representin’ for you,
If you know the law,
You can join in too.


dk-donkey-lawyer-Donkey Kong Actor
D-K: Don’t Krime



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