Doujin Classics: NANACA†CRASH!! (PC)

NANACA†CRASH!! is probably one of the first doujin titles I have ever played. I loved the simple yet addictive gameplay and also the nonsensical nature of what is happening on the screen. With the mobile versions recently out let’s see how it holds up after all these years.



Based on the adult visual novel, Cross Channel, NANACA†CRASH!! is one of those simple flash games that lasts a couple of minutes at most, but you usually end up playing for far too long in order to beat the high score.


NANACA†CRASH!! - Blast off

The premise of NANACA†CRASH!! is very simple. You must hurl a guy name Taichi into the air by hitting him with a bicycle, after which you must keep him flying as far as possible.


After you set the initial angle and strength there is very little interaction in the game. Taichi bounces once he reaches the ground. He stops either when his speed drops to zero, or when he lands on the soft breasts of the girl with glasses. The only control you have over his flight path is by hitting him again with a bicycle. All of this is done with a single button.


NANACA†CRASH!! - Aerial Crash

There are two ways to keep Taichi airborne. First you can use your special Aerial Crash. You get three upward strikes that can only be used only when Taichi is falling, and one downward attack that can be used when Taichi is on the raise and the meter has filled up to 100%. Another way for Taichi in the air is by hitting various people on the street.


Depending on where you fall you will either hit people that will help you reach farther or people that will hinder your flight. Hitting the meganekko ends the game, while other girls generally hit you and give you a speed boost. Hitting guys is a big no no; it either slows Taichi down or increases the angle he is traveling at, both of which make it more difficult to get farther.


NANACA†CRASH!! - Special

From time to time you will hit a girl which will result in a special boost. This will blast you through the air at super sonic speeds. If you are particularly lucky you can even combine multiple special moves.


The mobile version has multiple stages, the newest one being on the beach. The graphics look a bit sharper than in the original flash game, but aside that it’s mostly the same.





Even though it doesn’t have enough depth to keep you engaged for a long time, it’s still enjoyable in short bursts and manages to remain quite decent  even after all these years. NANACA†CRASH!! is free on both Android and iOS. What’s even better is that the one button controls are perfect on the go. If you are still not convinced that it’s worth downloading it, check out the browser version released way back in 2004.


Flash – Web browser (Old version)
Android – Google Play Store
iOS – App Store

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