Doukoku Soshite Remaster Coming to PS4 and Vita

Another Sega Saturn visual novel is getting a remake this time the 1998 horror title Doukoku Soshite. The game follows a high-school student who you get to name. One typical day the school bus hits a car, and all the students wake up in a creepy mansion where people are being killed off one after another.


The new version will include remastered visuals in a much higher resolution, added unusual event CGs, a hint mode feature and even revisions from the original scenario writer.


El Dia, The same company behind the this year’s remaster of the classic Eve: Burst Error and Desire, is working on this title. Doukoku Soshite will be available in Japan on 26th of April 2018 for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


As with the remakes of Eve: Burst Error, Desire, and even YU-NO the chance of this game ever making it outside of Japan is extremely slim. Still, we hope that someday these remastered classics will make their way to western fans.


For comparison check out screenshots from the original game below:


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