Dragalia Lost crossing over with Persona 5 Strikers in January

Having been datamined late last year, the Persona 5 Strikers event for Dragalia Lost has now been officially announced by Nintendo.

It’ll feature a brand new story to play through, and you’ll be able to roll for Persona 5 protagonist Joker, who comes with with his signature persona Arsène.

Dragalia Lost Persona 5 Strikers event screenshot

The announcement video and news post both mention that other members of the Phantom Thieves will be playable. Based on the datamined info, this means that Morgana, Panther, and Strikers character Sophia will all be available during the event.

Dragalia Lost’s Persona 5 Strikers event will start some time in late January. Joker and the gang have appeared in many other mobile games over the years years, including Identity V, Another Eden, and Puzzle & Dragons.

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