Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch Event Was the Spirit Bomb

The fantastic Dragon Ball FighterZ is out now, and Bandai Namco held a three-day launch event at the Chelsea Football Club in London to celebrate! Complete with tournaments, beverages and a collection of Dragon Ball games throughout the ages, this event was nothing short of brilliant.


With roughly 100 people attending on the 25th January, fans and other members of the press came together to share their love for Dragon Ball. Games throughout Dragon Ball‘s rich legacy were playable, including games from SNES and various Sony systems, along with several tables laid out dedicated to Dragon Ball FighterZ. You don’t even get to see the event before being asked if you’d like to participate in the tournament, and I was the fourth person to sign up. Little did I know that pro gamers like PND Mustard, PND Ketchup and Tyrant would be there, battling it out on the giant screen, but, alas, I’d already signed up.


dragon ball fighterz launch event


And you know what? I did alright. I made new friends and was knocked out by Firei in a very close match midway through the tournament — I’ll never forget the noise of those watching. It was an absolute blast, and a thrilling experience I’ll always remember. I’ve always loved fighting games, but this was my first taste of a tournament, and I enjoyed it immensely. Congratulations to PND Mustard for winning!


I never ate fish before, but the cod at this event was so good that I’ve ended up eating cod several times since. I’m sure it wasn’t Bandai Namco’s goal to make me enjoy fish of any kind, but they did. Food consisted of chips, cod, cheese and tomato pizza, hotdogs and mini burgers, and it was all very tasty. Everyone was quickly catered to, and if I wanted something to eat or drink then food was always being handed out, and drinks were available at the open bar. I’m really adventurous, so I had a lot of soft drinks.


dragon ball fighterz launch event


It was a fun time for all, and Bandai Namco really know how to host an event. Tournament organiser Edwin Chuah kept the matches flowing quickly, although the tournament did last roughly three hours! Dragon Ball FighterZ is out now, and it’s a must-play fighter. Thanks to Bandai Namco for having us, and to the fighting game community for being so splendid.

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