Dragon Ball FighterZ Nappa, Ginyu, and Story Mode Screenshots Revealed

We already covered the initial announcements of Nappa & Ginyu and talked a bit about how they’ll play, but Arc System Works have finally revealed screenshots to accompany the news! Taking a look at the screenshots, you get more of an idea of how they’ll play.






There it is! As I requested in my last post, Nappa does indeed have his Volcano Explosion move, as well as his other Explosion Wave techniques. It seems that making big explosions on screen will be a defining aspect of how he’ll play, which is very Nappa if you ask me.






We already knew Nappa would have access to Saibaman assists in some form. It looks like he can summon them in various attacks, including the classic Saibaman suicide bomb. Which is fittingly attached to Yamcha in the screenshots… (´•ω•̥`)





His Meteor Special is his “kapa” or “break cannon”. Basically a big beam from his mouth. It looks like it works as you might expect! I can’t wait to get hands on with Nappa and see how he plays myself.


Captain Ginyu





Obviously Captain Ginyu needs to fight using the rest of the Ginyu Force team! It looks like Ginyu summons them by doing the Ginyu Force poses, and then they leap in to do an attack. With 4 other characters in the Ginyu force, there might be a lot of combinations!


In the screenshots it looks like Recoome leaps into the middle of the fight to unleash his big Recoome Fighting Bomber, whereas Jeice looks like hangs back and chucks a projectile with his Crusher Ball technique.





And it wouldn’t be Captain Ginyu without the Body Swap special ability! As already mentioned, this will actually swap your character with the opponent’s — even health! And, once used, it sounds like the opponent can’t use it back on you either. Surely it’s got to be hard to pull off, right?


Story Mode

The game’s story mode will see you playing as a bunch of characters. You’ll literally end up inhabiting their bodies for a period of time. It’s a bit confusing how that will actually play out, but these screenshots give an idea of how it will look. It appears there’s quite a bit of interactivity, so it’s not just the visual novel-esque story you might be used to with some of Arc System Works’ other fighting games.






The map is giving me Budokai 2 flashbacks. But in a good way. I look forward to finding out more about how the story will play!


Dragon Ball FighterZ releases Early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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