Dragon Ball Fusions Announced for 3DS

The latest Bandai Namco Dragon Ball game is Dragon Ball Fusions, an RPG adventure for the 3DS, and it’s coming to Europe early next year! Get an idea of what to expect in the new trailer below:



Described as a “collect and power up RPG”, Dragon Ball Fusions is an all new Dragon Ball story where you are the hero – with character customisation options including 5 different races to choose from.


This is a fun opportunity to make your own character and explore the Dragon Ball world, and makes a change from the obvious choice of fighting games when it comes to the series.


Dragon Ball Fusions Avatar

Throughout the game’s story, you’ll come across a huge range of characters from the Dragon Ball anime series and movies, and you’ll be able to enlist these Super Warriors to join your team after defeating them in battle.


As well as the story-based Adventure mode, there is a Multiplayer Battle mode, allowing you to trade special moves with nearby players and, more importantly, pummel your friends into the ground.



Dragon Ball Fusions is due to release in North America on December 13th 2016, and in Europe in February 2017, exclusively for 3DS.

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