Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Trailer Is Breathtaking

There’s one episode of Dragon Ball Super left (I know, I’m sad too) but thankfully there’s a movie to look forward to! Reminiscent of the animation from the early days of Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball Super movie teaser trailer released shows a little of Goku’s new opponent – a Saiyan.


dragon ball super movie teaser


The newcomer is from another time, and many secrets about the Saiyan race will be revealed. Frieza is set to play an important role too, although I’m not sure where he’ll come in to play just yet if the Saiyan is from another time. Frieza didn’t destroy Planet Vegeta across all universes, after all.




Goku looks youthful and bouncy, and I’m excited to see the entire movie with this art style. It’s fresh, and it’s about time that we learn a little more about the Saiyan race. The Dragon Ball Super movie is slated to release this Winter.


“A Saiyan has no limits. Earth has Goku.” Chills!

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