Dragon Ball Z Kakarot New Character Progression Trailer

With release only days away, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot received a brand new trailer from Bandai Namco, focusing on the character progression, after all, this is an RPG of sorts. The game releases on January 17, alongside a few other games this month. The trailer features the various ways you can boost Goku.


Catch the trailer here:



According to the trailer, you can power up Goku by eating (of course), training, battling, exploring and helping in the community. Eating gives you status boosts, including boosts to health. Multiple materials are needed to create a vast array of dishes in the game. Super attacks can be acquired by collecting Z orbs in the environment that can be spent to unlock moves like the Kamehameha.


The community board is a place to pick up missions which will reward you with items and power ups. You can set Soul Emblems on boards to improve community skills and gain boosts to ATK, DEF etc.


Are you picking up Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

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