Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 4 Review (Anime)

Manga UK has been releasing the older Dragon Ball Z movies out at lightning speed, and next up is collection four consisting of Super Android 13! and Bojack Unbound. These are where the movies begin focusing on Gohan a little bit more as he’s older now, and Goku is currently deceased.


Super Android 13! is that one movie where Goku gets hit in the testicles so hard that he loses his Super Saiyan form, whilst Bojack Unbound sees teen Gohan face off against Bojack and his gang. Both movies see the rise and fall of new villains, packed with action and laughs throughout the length of their brief durations. If you’re looking for thrilling fights, slick animation and some of the greatest English voice-acting to grace the world, then you won’t be disappointed in these 90’s movies.


Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 4 Review


Thrilling fights, slick animation.

There’s a little less humour and more action, and the Bojack Unbound movie explores a world where Goku has died and Vegeta has retired, and this makes for an interesting plot even if both movies are thin when it comes to narrative. Bojack Unbound is the better of the two, and it’s the first movie where someone other than Goku is the leading hero. Gohan might still need his father’s assistance from the afterlife, but once he’s all fired up he’s impossible to stop. Gohan has always been a favourite of mine and whilst I missed Goku’s hilarious presence, Gohan manages to carry the weight of the movie on his back.


Super Android 13! is, well, more androids for the gang to contend with. None of them are quite as frightening as Cell or Androids 17 and 18, and they don’t take half as much effort to defeat either — Goku manages to hold his own against this android, at least! We get a lot more of Goku and Vegeta in this one, and in both movies the supporting cast manage to hold their own. Krillin does get battered pretty badly, though.


Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 4 Review


There’s very little to say about the animation that I haven’t already said in the last three reviews I’ve done on Dragon Ball Z movies, and my words will be just as glowing here. Slick, detailed animation coupled with intense action, memorable character design and variety in fighting arenas, both of these movies fail to disappoint.


The English and Japanese voice-overs consist of many of the same talents we’re used to for the series now, meaning that it’s a delight to listen to. You can switch between the Western and Japanese soundtracks too, for those who have a preference.


Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 4 Review


A must have for fans.

As always, it’s lovely having these classic movies on DVD and Blu-ray, and they’re a must have for fans. They might not even run an hour long, but this means that they don’t outstay their welcome either — they’re like little arcs of their own, begun and neatly wrapped up in a little under an hour each. I’m amazed that these look so fantastic in HD, but it’s clear that these have always been impressive works. I’m looking forward to the next release, which is the Broly trilogy, and I expect great things from it.

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