Dragon Ball Z Movies 3-6 Review (Anime)

A review for a whole four Dragon Ball Z movies?! That’s almost as many times as Krillin has died! I was going to separate these movies into collections (they’ve been released by Manga UK in sets of two) but they release so closely to each other that I’ve decided it’s best to cover them all at once.


I’ll be covering four movies here – Tree of Might, Lord Slug, Cooler’s Revenge and Return of Cooler, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Tree of Might is one of the best DBZ movies and although I enjoyed all four of them, I didn’t need to see Cooler return so quickly. Return of Cooler is not only the weakest entry here, but also the shortest. It seems like Frieza’s bloodline just loves coming back for more, doesn’t it?



Whilst most of the movie titles make it clear what’s going to happen – the Cooler movies feature Cooler getting battered as he tries to kill the Z-Fighters, and Lord Slug is the same but with Lord Slug – the Tree of Might isn’t quite as obvious.


Tree of Might features a warrior who looks strikingly similar to Goku, Turles, as he plants a legendary tree which will suck all of the life out of the planet. Goku and his friends gather to stop Turles before he can eat the tree’s fruit which will grant him incredible strength, and it’s one of the most intense battles of the Z-Fighters’ early days.



Each movie introduces a fresh new villain for the Z-Fighters to tackle, and there’s not a whole lot of story outside of the villain wanting to do something evil, and the Z-Fighters not letting that happen. Each film is a blast to watch and they don’t outstay their welcome with each film lasting roughly 45-60 minutes long, and they’re jam-packed with action and laughs from start to finish.



One thought I had running through my mind multiple times was how beautiful these movies are. You can probably gather this by the screenshots provided, but these movies look incredible in HD and their artwork, which is roughly two decades old now, is still top-notch. The action is fast and exciting, and the animation in general is very pleasing to the eyes. I was wow’ed by how gorgeous they each are, and I’d happily watch them again.


As is standard for Dragon Ball Z, throughout all of its life in most cases, the likes of Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, Sonny Strait and more reprise their roles as some of the series’ most popular heroes. The voice-acting is as enjoyable as ever, and it goes to show that Dragon Ball Z has always consistently had one of the world’s greatest dubs. The music is fantastic too, as expected.



It’s lovely being able to have these movies in HD, especially as they deserve it with such outstanding animation, and I watched all four in quick succession happily. The next collection brings the Broly trilogy together, and they’re arguably the best of the bunch. I can’t wait to get my hands on those in glorious HD!

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