Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Coming to UK & Ireland September 30th

As you know we’re pretty big Dragon Ball fans over here at Rice Digital. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods was a great Dragon Ball Z film, and really captured a sense of the classic Dragon Ball we loved back when the series was airing. Resurrection F looks set to follow in that same tradition, with one of the things we most love about the original series: Mr. “F” himself. Frieza’s back. And this time he has some kind of gold form.


Manga UK are bringing it to cinemas too! Click here to check where screenings are near you!


The film has already released in Japan and North America, where it has been doing really well. Take a look at the UK trailer below:



Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F has already broken into the Top 10 highest grossing domestic anime of all time, and the first independent movie to be in there. It’s breaking records, and from the sound of it deservedly so. Along with Dragon Ball Super currently airing in Japan (based on Battle of Gods), could this be a Dragon Ball Renaissance (feel free to use that title for the next series, Toei)? We sure hope so.




As with Battle of Gods, Resurrection F is also seeing limited theatrical release in the UK — but this time it’s a lot less limited and there’s actually a decent selection of cinemas! That’s great news for fans who had to miss out seeing it on the big screen last time. And, with how well Resurrection F has been doing, maybe we’ll see a full theatrical release next time? And there’s a special treat for some moviegoers…


At Showcase and Empire Cinemas, each ticket purchased will receive a free limited edition figurine (subject to numbers). For the trailer, participating cinemas and to book tickets visit www.dragonballzuk.com

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