Dragon Marked for Death from IntiCreates looks great!

IntiCreates revealed their latest Switch title, Dragon Marked for Death during the AX 2018 Panel – a four-player 2D side-scrolling action adventure which, by the looks of it, will further cement IntiCreates’ reputation for being AMAZING at everything they do.


From Gal*Gun, to Gunvolt, Blaster Master to Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – IntiCreates have, to my knowledge, never made a bad videogame, at least from what I’ve played – so much so that I’ve been increasinly looking forward to any announcements they have lined up.


Check out their trailer for Dragon Marked for Death below!



Dragon Marked for Death sees you choosing from four different character classes – Empress, Warrior, Shinobi and Witch and embarking on a side-scrolling adventure, letting loose each classes set of skills to your advantage – all in the name of avenging the destruction of you village.


Dragon Marked for Death 1


The kicker here of course is that you can play with up to three friends for a four-player online experience which, we imagine, is where the main fun is to be had.


Better yet, it sees the return of artist Toru Nakayama (he of Mega Man Zero fame) reunited with the IntiCreates team – which, frankly, is all you should need to know about how great this is likely to turn out to be.


Expect a cracking blend of action, detail sprites and more than a little narrative and neat characterisation to keep give the action some context. Is it to early for me to just think of this is a four player Mega Man Zero with a more diverse skill-set? Probably. But it’s not going to stop me doing that anyway.


Dragon Marked for Death 2


Mark it into your diaries folks Dragon Marked for Death – it’ll be out ‘Winter’ this year.

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