Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Maribel & Ruff Trailer

It’s taken some time, but Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is almost out in the west. It’ll be releasing on PlayStation 4 & PC over here in April. But before then there’s still time to meet some of the titular heroes! This Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Maribel & Ruff trailer introduces us to two heroes fans will be sure to recognise!



Both Maribel, “Little Miss Long Range”, and Ruff, “The Boy Who Ride Wolf”, will be familiar to Dragon Quest fans as being from Dragon Quest 7.


Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Maribel & Ruff Trailer


Maribel has a haughty sort of personality, which is already nicely showcased in the trailer. She fights using a boomerang, and can also do a big shout that hurts enemies. And as you might expect, Ruff, the scruffy wolf-boy, fights using a wolf and other animals such as sheep.


We already took a pretty lengthy look at the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 demo here, so check it out:


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