Dragon Quest X Offline announced for Japan

Dragon Quest X is being remade as a singleplayer offline RPG, Square Enix announced today during its Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream.

The appropriately named Dragon Quest X Offline is set to be released in 2022, adapting the long-running MMO into a more traditional solo Dragon Quest experience.

A new visual style is being used for the Offline version, using super deformed character models mixed with low resolution textures for environments. According to Dragon Quest X Offline producer Takumi Shiraishi, the team is aiming for a style that “is as nostalgic as it is charming.”

Western fans have been waiting for news of an offline version of X for a while now, but they’ll have to wait even longer, as an English release is currently not planned. This doesn’t rule out a worldwide release in the future, as it would be weird to see X Offline not be released in regions that don’t have access to the original MMO.

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