Dragon’s Crown Sorceress Figure is Finally Busting Out

You read that right. That gorgeous Dragon’s Crown Sorceress figure is finally releasing, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it next Summer — we hope so anyway, another delay would be rough. The controversial Sorceress will be 1/7 scale, and she will come complete with a removable witches hat.


You can check out the figure below, and maybe my choice of the word ‘busting’ wasn’t a coincidence after all.


sorceress figure


It looks a little lewd, but it also looks some fine craftsmanship. This figure has been in the works for several years so it’s nice to see that it’ll finally release next year, and hopefully it looks as detailed as it does in the pictures. It’ll cost a hefty 15,660 yen (a little over £100) and can be pre-ordered now via AmiAmi.


All of the characters have insane proportions in Dragon’s Crown and the game is a gem which, if you missed out on it on PS3 and Vita, is making its way to PS4!

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