Driving Final Fantasy XV Crazy

While Final Fantasy XV producer Shinji Hashimoto might not be the biggest fan of the FFXV car background photoshop “memes”, director Hajime Tabata sure is. Tabata has been such a fan of the humorous images that replace the background of the trailer that he has released the transparent assets so that anyone can easily make their own.


As I am a new staff member at Rice Digital what better way is there to introduce myself than via the medium of “memes”. It’s also a fantastic way of showing how hardworking and skilled I am. As such, here is a small collection of “memes” I have created based on the car pictures from the trailer:



final fantasy xv mk8
“Can we play too?”
final fantasy xv cloud
“Leaving him in the dust.”
final fantasy xv cloud
“I don’t think he can see us.”
final fantasy xv carwash
“Who cast Waterga in here?”
final fantasy xv bond
“Remember when our series had good train scenes?”
final fantasy xv sonic
“I hear Sonic’s not doing too well these days.”
final fantasy xv maid cafe
final fantasy xv grease
“Greased Lightning Returns.”
ffxv crazy taxi
“Square Enix, are you ready to make some CUHRAZY money?”



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