Dungeon Encounters announced, releasing later this month

Seems like Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars wasn’t the only surprise announcement Square Enix had in store for 2021, as it just revealed dungeon crawling RPG Dungeon Encounters during TGS 2021.

Launching October 14 for Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam, Dungeon Encounters is a small-scale (and seemingly small-budget) RPG set in a deep labyrinth. Hiroyuki Ito, the original creator behind Final Fantasy’s ATB battle system, is directing the game, with Nobuo Uematsu handling the music.

It definitely seems to be focused on dungeon crawling gameplay over any sort of story. In fact, there’s no mention of a plot at all in any of the promotional material.

More experimental games from Square Enix is not something we expected this year, though it’s a nice change of pace from its usual big-budget affairs.

Dungeon Encounters is available for pre-order on Switch now (the Steam page should be up later today), with the PS4 version purchasable at launch. It’s priced at £24.99, reduced to £19.99 until October 21.

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