New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Showcases Combat

Koei Tecmo has released a new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer (titled Dynasty Warriors 8 in Japan, read the story here), revealing new information about the game and, more precisely, its battle system. Watch the trailer below:



Here is an overview from Koei Tecmo:

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 introduces exhilarating new combat mechanics to the series’ signature “one versus thousands” style gameplay with the State Combo System. This new system allows players to perform 3 different attack styles – Trigger AttacksFlow Attacks and Finish Attacks – each dealing progressively more damage. Trigger Attacks allow players to create the start of an explosive combo, leading to Flow Attacks, which adapt to the enemy’s current state. Successful combos allow for a Finish Attack to be performed, delivering a final blow that eradicates any foes caught in its path. These new enhancements aim to create a thrilling and fluid experience unlike any previous entry in the franchise.

Augmenting the series’ first true open world is another immersive innovation introduced in DYNASTY WARRIORS 9: the Interactive Action system. Players will be able to fully utilize their surroundings for the first time in the Warriorsfranchise with the ability to climb buildings and mountains, wield grappling hooks to traverse walls, and make use of objects like oil barrels in battle. These new actions offer a breadth of new possibilities for players to take advantage of while travelling around third-century China, or when caught in the heat of battle!

New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailer Showcases Combat


Dynasty Warriors 9 is heading to PS4 in Japan. The platform and the release date for the west hasn’t been announced yet.

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