Earth Defense Force 4.1 Trailer Has Child With Chainsaw In It

Earth Defense Force 4.1 launches for PlayStation 4 today, alongside Earth Defense Force 2 on the PlayStation Vita. PQube have released a bizarre Earth Defense Force 4.1 that has a child holding a chainsaw, among other weapons, while being reprimanded for not using enough force to kill ants.



This is definitely not something you want to actually let your child do. Which is why it helps there’s a video game, I guess.


Please no.



This is the nightmare.


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The Earth Defense Force series tasks the player, part of the titular Earth Defense Force, to protect the planet from giant ants, spiders, alien mechs, and even huge kaiju. It’s got a b-movie vibe, but in the right environment can be one of the most fun co-op games out there.


Earth-Defense-Force-4.1-The-Shadow-of-New-Despair-2015-02-08-3 Earth Defense Force 4.1 Trailer


We’ve already played a lot of the game for our YouTube channel, so why not take a look at our playlist?



We’ve got the game in stock, ready to ship out now, along with our exclusive Earth Defense Force t-shirt!





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