Earth Defense Force: World Brothers trailer shows off special abilities

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers must surely be one of the strangest games coming out over the next few months. This spin-off title in the EDF franchise transports the traditional giant bug-splatting gameplay into a cutesy voxel-based world. Aside from that surprising visual twist, World Brothers seems to pretty much stay true to the series’ formula.

To get us hyped for the game’s upcoming launch, D3 Developer has begun a series of videos to showcase a range of gameplay elements. Earlier this month, they released a Weapons and Accessories video. This time, it’s various special abilities that are on show.

It looks fast and frantic, and I’m a fan of the big explosions and high damage numbers. However, I’m noticing a distressing lack of chants underneath that trailer music. No EDF game would be complete without the EDF song, so hopefully this is something that’s included when EDF: World Brothers deploys.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will release on December 24, 2020 in Japan and will be playable on Nintendo Switch and PS4. The publisher has also confirmed a western localisation for 2021.

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