Eastasiasoft Summer Showcase details upcoming games for June and beyond

Eastasiasoft‘s latest showcase took place today, detailing ten games that the company will be publishing over the coming months.

The Summer 2021 showcase included both new reveals and previously announced games with new gameplay trailers. June releases accounted for half of the games shown, including console versions of Empire of Angels IV, and Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire — another Switch and PS4 release in partnership with ZOO Corporation.

New ports for Crimson Spires and Omen of Sorrow were also unveiled — both are coming to Xbox One, with the former also launching on Switch and PS4. Neither has a release date right now for these platforms, though they are scheduled to launch during 2021.

Eastasiasoft is certainly keeping itself busy this year. It’s a shame that there were no Vita announcements during the showcase, but that’s understandable considering how unreliable Sony has been with its older consoles.

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