Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san – BlazBlue Rhythm Spin-Off

If our recent review of Magical Beat taught us one thing it’s that Arc System Works do have a little something when it comes to rhythm games. That’s why their new smartphone BlazBlue rhythm spin-off, Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san is so interesting. The game came out earlier this year in Japan, but has just released internationally this week.


IMG_3922 Eat Beat


Ragna is having trouble winning some battles, and his own special move, Dead Spike wants to help him get stronger. The best way to get that lovely, lovely energy? Eating, of course! So, naturally, Dead Spike has to consume lots of food on Ragna’s behalf, set to a rhythm, by tapping the screen appropriately in time to the beat.


IMG_3925 Eat Beat


The game is free-to-play, but more songs and characters are promised to be introduced over time, likely for a fee.


The current track list is:


  1. Rebellion II: Ragna the Bloodedge’s Battle Song
  2. Bullet Dance II: Noel Vermillion’s Battle Song
  3. Catus Carnival II: Taokaka’s Battle Song
  4. Reppu II:Bang Shishigami’s Battle Song
  5. Queen of rose II: Rachel Alucard’s Battle Song
  6. SUSANOOH II: Hakumen’s Battle Song
  7. Condemnation Wings II: Tsubaki Yayoi’s Battle Song*
  8. Lust SIN II: Jin Kisaragi’s Battle Song*
  9. Marionette Purple II : Carl Clover’s Battle Song**
  10. Plastic Night II : Relius Clover’s Battle Song**

*Condemnation Wings II and Lust SIN II can be enjoyed for free from the store
**To be released in March


IMG_3923 Eat Beat



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