Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san Review (Switch)

Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san lets you play through 20 BlazBlue songs for a little over £6 and although it’s very simple, it’s good fun to play. The BlazBlue games have wonderful OSTs and I hope that this will lead to Arc System Works creating rhythm games for some of their other series’.


Ragna’s Dead Spike is hungry and is on a quest to eat all he can, and Ragna is dragged along – literally – for the ride. That’s about as far as it goes for story, and then you can tackle remixed versions of various BlazBlue tunes. The gameplay is simple and you only use two buttons, with the challenge being found in the speed of the game. There’s a third button to activate a power-up, known as Over Drive, but there’s an option for it to activate by default.


dead spike-san review


The game is far from content-heavy, but it’s cheap and cheerful.

The game is far from content-heavy, but it’s cheap and cheerful. You don’t need to have played BlazBlue to enjoy this but the big pull is that it’s a rhythm game with BlazBlue music. I’d have loved to have seen an Arc System Works rhythm game that bundles in several of their series’, but I’m pretty happy with this offering.


The stages use BlazBlue environments for the backdrop and you can play as Ragna and Dead Spike, Terumi and Ouroboros or Carl and Nirvana – all complete with yukata variations. It’s bright and colourful, and it’s all very cute for a BlazBlue game. The soundtrack, as expected, is rocking which is great considering it makes up almost all of the audio. There are a few songs omitted which I would’ve loved if they were included, but most of the main character themes made the cut.


dead spike-san review


Great soundtrack, less than stellar gameplay.

Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san is a solid game with its greatest shortcoming being how little there is to do. You’ll be able to happily sink in several hours based on how good the available songs are, and by challenging the game’s hard mode, but the second notable complaint becomes more obvious in harder modes – the inputs sometimes feel unresponsive.


It’s very strict on input times but it struggles to recognise inputs when things get a little too fast. Other than that, it’s an easy recommendation based on the price, especially if you’re a BlazBlue fan, but there are frustrations to be found in the laggy inputs which leads me to believe that it’s mostly a straight port of the mobile version of the game. Great soundtrack, less than stellar gameplay.

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