Edens Zero game announced by Konami

 Edens Zero game announced by Konami

It looks like Hiro Mashima’s latest manga, Edens Zero, will be getting its own game adaption. This announcement comes just over a month after his previous series, Fairy Tail, got its own console game. Unlike that game, however, the Edens Zero game adaption is being handled by Konami.

More information is set to be revealed during Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online on September 26 at 8PM JST, and English stream will be available for the reveal [thanks Siliconera].

An Edens Zero anime was also revealed earlier this year, which will also be shown off during Tokyo Game Show in the same broadcast.

With this being a Konami game, there’s always a chance that this turns out to be a mobile gacha game, or even a pachinko machine. Then again, the company did reveal a new entry in the Pop’n Music series recently, so it could be something more interesting.

Isaac Todd
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