EDF 4.1 Arrives On Smart Phones as Tap Wars

After coming out on almost every system imaginable its time to bring the good fight to mobile with Tap Wars: Earth Defense Force 4.1. The game was developed and published by D3 Publisher and Esquadra.




Like you may expect the game is free and doesn’t really do the original series justice, but if you are looking for some bug hunting on the go, Tap Wars may just be the thing you are looking for.


Tap Wars is available on both the Android Play Store and Apple iTunes.



The spin-off to the popular “Earth Defense Force 4.1” is finally here!

Tap to defeat the invaders!
Lead the troops of the Earth Defense Force (EDF), and aim to repel the unknown enemy, “Ravagers”!
It’s easy to attack the enemy! Just tap away!

Tap the screen like your life depends on it!
The pride of the EDF hangs in the balance!

Game Features
The world of Earth Defense Force 4.1 has been reproduced for smartphones!
Easy to play, simple to understand, but with incredible depth!
Defeat the advancing enemies and strengthen your troops!

In order to protect this green Earth…
Even today, somewhere out there the fight for the future of humanity is continuing!

Our fight will not end here.
The EDF will become the shield for humanity’s hope!


Android Play Store Game Download


Apple iTunes Store Game Download


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