Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Passes £1M On Kickstarter

The recently announced JRPG from the creators of Suikoden, Eiyuden Chronicle, has already passed its initial funding goal AND a stretch goal.

The recently passed stretch goal will allow the game to be released on consoles – namely Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and “Nintendo’s next generation console”. The team basically said that they’re not sure on the landscape when the game releases in 2-3 years, and are assuming there will be a follow up Nintendo console by then.

In case you don’t know anything about the game yet, here’s a short trailer:

How nice does that art style look?!

You can learn plenty more about the game over on the Kickstarter page, as well as a host of information on the characters throughout.

The funding is not over, and there are still stretch goals to be hit, the latest of which was the implementation of a New Game Plus mode, with things like a Guild System still to be unlocked.

Here’s a description, via the Kickstarter page:

  • A brand new, high quality JRPG from Yoshitaka Murayama (Suikoden I&II) and Junko Kawano (Suikoden I&IV), in their first collaboration in 25 years.
  • A traditional 6-character battle system utilizing painstakingly created 2D sprites and gorgeous 3D backgrounds
  • A deep story with 100 characters intricately intertwined.
  • Coming to PC at minimum goal, with stretch goals to bring the game to additional platforms, including PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

Our story begins in one corner of Allraan, a tapestry of nations with diverse cultures and values.

By dint of sword, and by way of magical objects known as “rune-lenses,” the land’s history has been shaped by the alliances and aggressions of the humans, beastmen, elves, and desert people who live there.

The Galdean Empire has edged out other nations and discovered a technology that amplifies the rune-lenses’ magic. Now, the Empire is scouring the continent for an artifact that will expand their power even further.

It is on one such expedition that Seign Kesling, a young and gifted imperial officer, and Nowa, a boy from a remote village, meet each other and become friends.

However, a twist of fate will soon drag them into the fires of war, and force them both to reexamine everything they believe to be right and true.

Eiyuden Chronicle’s deep story and dialogue is helmed by Yoshitaka Murayama, the master storyteller that wrote the scripts for both Suikoden I and II.

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