Endeavour Confirmed For My Hero One’s Justice As Pre-Order Bonus

I must admit that, aside from the amazing visuals, I was not sold at all on My Hero One’s Justice until I played it. Now, having played the demo, I’m now feverishly looking forward to further information. Bandai Namco has heard my wishes and revealed today that Endeavour will be coming to the game as either a pre-order bonus or as a separate purchase available on launch.


For those who aren’t aware of him, Endeavour is the hero currently holding the No. 1 spot, and has raw, unrelenting, unbridled power that is matched only by the intensity of his anger. His personality is reflected in his fighting style, he fights with powerful and intense flames that burst from his body, reducing anything he touches to ash.


Despite suffering huge recoil when unleashing his signature moves, a successful hit causes devastating damage to his opponent. In addition, to his formidable close-range attacks, he’s also skilled with mid-range combat too. It will take players practice to master every aspect of Endeavor’s arsenal and crush their opponents without mercy.



Also with this character announcement, Bandai Namco revealed a new game mode in the Arcade Mode. In this mode players will fight against six consecutive opponent, each more difficult than the last. If victorious, players will receive special items as a reward! This is a welcome addition to the game as I was worried about a lack of overall content for single player longevity when I played it before.  


My Hero One’s Justice is released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 26th 2018. I’m not particularly pleased with the decision to have the character added to this game in this way, but I was very impressed by the game itself. Check out my preview of the game here, and let us know what you think of this title in the comments or on Twitter. Also, check back for more coverage of this title and other Japanese games in the future.

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