Etrian Mystery Dungeon disappears from the EU 3DS eShop September 30

As another reminder as to why a digital only console would be a bad idea, Etrian Mystery Dungeon will soon be delisted from the European 3DS eShop.

The odd part of this announcement is that the North American version of Etrian Mystery Dungeon is seemingly already gone, with no prior warning by Atlus. Furthermore, the “End of Summer Sale” mentioned in NISA’s tweet… isn’t actually a thing from what we can see. NISA Europe’s store does have the game for £7.99, though this is just the game’s regular price at this point.

As there are no plans currently to remove any other Etrian games, this is likely a licensing issue with EMD’s developer Spike Chunsoft. Considering the bargain bin prices for physical copies, we can only assume that trying to keep the game on the eShop wasn’t worth it financially.

If you want to try out Etrian Mystery Dungeon, and aren’t interested in a cheaper physical copy, make sure to grab it digitally before September 20.

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