Etrian Mystery Dungeon Release Date & Landsknecht Annoucement

Etrian Mystery Dungeon was featured in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. Besides a limited first-print the game will be a Nintendo 3DS download exclusive, and will boast near infinite gameplay. It will arrive in store and in the Nintendo eShop April 7th!




Atlus has also announced the Landsknecht for Etrian Mystery Dungeon:


Ah yes, the Landsknecht. This swordsman has always been the meat and potatoes of the Etrian series, and it’s no different for Etrian Mystery Dungeon. With a modest amount of defense and some hard hitting damage, early parties will lean heavily on the Landsknecht for staying alive. With a few skills, Landsknechts can focus down enemies with devastating melee hits or whittle away at rooms full of critters with AOE attacks.

EMD Landsknecht Cut.Still002-Etrian Mystery Dungeon Release Date



If you’re up for some Etrian dungeon crawling right now, then why not check out Etrian Odyssey IV and Persona Q, both available in our own Rice Digital store!


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