Etrian Odyssey V Almost Complete

Way back in November 2014 Atlus announced the next installment of the popular dungeon crawler franchise, Etrian Odyssey V, also known as Labyrinth of the World Tree V: Activation in Japan. Since then there has been little word regarding this series until now.


Shigeo Komori, who is currently in charge of the Etrian Odyssey, has just stated that the development of the game is nearing its final stages. Details are scarce, but he promised more news once the weather gets warmer.


For those of you that missed the original teaser video, you can watch it right here.



This series is probably most well-known for the fact that you have to manually draw the map using the bottom screen of the DS. What might sound as a hassle ends up being one of the best features of the game, since it serves as a break from all the random battles. Oh and let’s not forget the infamous F.O.E. (Field-On Enemy) who are powerful enemies which roam dungeons. Their unpredictability and difficulty even turned into a meme.


While the platform for Etrian Odyssey V has not officially been announced, we’d most likely have to place our bets on the Nintendo 3DS and maybe even its successor.

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