Eureka Seven Review (Anime)

Eureka Seven began airing in 2005 and ran for 50 episodes, which was quickly followed by a sequel movie, and recently a trilogy of movies was announced. It took Anime Limited licensing it for release in the West for me to finally check it out though, and what a wonderful show it is.


My first thought was that Eureka Seven is like an anime version of Disney’s Treasure Planet, but it quickly differentiates itself. The sense of adventure and Renton’s, our protagonist, love for his flying board are themes that it shares with Disney’s classic, and watching it was a strangely nostalgic experience. I’d never watched Eureka Seven before, but its mid-2000’s animation and its raw passion made it a delight to watch, and one that felt familiar.


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Its sense of adventure is next to none.

Eureka Seven follows Renton as he lives a normal, ordinary life with his granddad but he dreams of having adventures like his father did. When Eureka crashes her LFO into their home, his world is turned upside-down. Eureka is a part of Gekkostate, a team who opposes the military, and Renton joins them so that he can learn more about Eureka. His father’s memento also allows him to activate her LFO’s, the Nirvash Type Zero, incredible power known as the Seven Swell. He becomes an invaluable member of the team, but not without a few hiccups!


If you’re looking for an original anime to immerse yourself in, then you can’t go wrong with Eureka Seven. I’ve mentioned this once already, but its sense of adventure is next to none. Bones has always been a phenomenal studio, and their efforts with Eureka Seven is one of their most notable works. Overflowing with colour, a fully-realised world, iconic character design and smooth, mesmerising animation, you won’t find your eyes wandering away from the screen. Seeing Renton soar around on his flying board is one of my favourite moments in Eureka Seven – it’s just so fun.


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An anime in 2005? Of course Johnny Yong Bosch is involved! He voices Renton alongside Stephanie Sheh’s Eureka, and they’re joined by an awe-inspiring cast including Crispin Freeman, Kate Higgins and Kari Wahlgren, so don’t listen to those who say that older anime don’t have brilliant dubs. Eureka Seven isn’t lacking in the soundtrack department, either. It turns out I’d already heard the opening theme, so it’s nice to be able to put it to this show, finally.


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Eureka Seven is a classic, and rightly so.

Eureka Seven is a classic, and rightly so. There’s a lot of passion and cool ideas here, and its execution – especially for how long it is – is remarkable. It might have a lofty price tag, but it’s worth it. The sequel movie is dirt cheap to buy nowadays too, so it’s easy to binge your way through the TV series’ 50 episodes and go straight to the movie. It’s a great time to get into the series, as soon you’ll be able to watch the three new movies too!

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