Evangelion comes to Honkai Impact 3rd later this month

As Genshin Impact continues to see success on PC, PS4 and mobile, it sometimes feels like miHoYo‘s other major title, Honkai Impact 3rd, ends up being ignored by the masses. Yet it’s still going strong, with an upcoming event crossing over with the popular anime series Evangelion.

Starting January 22, the Blazing Hope event will allow players to go through an Evangelion themed story, featuring many scenes framed similarly to those in the anime. Asuka also makes an appearance, being the first playable crossover character in Honkai Impact 3rd — a rarity considering that most mobile games usually have more collab units by this point.

She wields a scaled-down version of the iconic Lance of Longinus, which can be seen in the event’s trailer.

miHoYo have stated that “Asuka, collab equipment and outfits will NEVER be available again after the collab ends”, so you’d better be ready to grind if you want everything from this event.

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