Evenicle 2 releasing February 2022

Alicesoft has announced that Evenicle 2 finally has a western release date, with the eroge RPG launching for PC on February 22, 2022.

Before today, news on Evenicle 2’s English release has been sparse since its ban from Steam early last year — said Steam release was going to cut a decent amount of content, though even that isn’t enough for Valve nowadays.

The game will be available from a number of storefonts for $39.99 (currently $34.99 for pre-orders), including the JAST USA store and MangaGamer. This will be the full version with no cuts, though it still features mosaic censorship.

Evenicle 2 story overview:

In a world where human civilization is constantly threatened by wild monsters, only the rare few individuals who wield forbidden skills dare challenge them. However, these brave warriors have to face an even more dangerous hazard… because with every Skill they use, a terrible curse eats away at their bodies.

The Hero Syndrome: a mysterious power that causes humans to catch random diseases with every skill they use in combat.

Only Alex – a young doctor wielding the forgotten healing Skill known as “Medica” – can hope to cure all the weird diseases ravaging the world. His unique power lets him administer a miraculous drug synthesized by his body… through the seminal fluid contained in the incredible “syringe” between his legs!

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