Everything Good Announced At Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Fest

 Everything Good Announced At Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Fest

We attended the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Paris earlier this year, which revealed a lot of information about the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion for the game, but did end up leaving us with a lot more questions than answers. So, we had high hopes for the Tokyo Fan Fest, which took place last weekend.



Obviously spoilers incoming, so don’t read ahead if you want to go into Shadowbringers entirely fresh.



Probably the biggest reveal of the weekend was that Shadowbringers will take players to the First World and the realm of Norvrandt. This marks the first time Warriors of Light will journey across dimensions and into a land similar, yet different. Here they must become Warriors of Darkness to restore night and save the world from the apocalypse the Flood of Light promises.



This is not all that was revealed, during the keynote, we also had:
  • – New Job, “Dancer”: Dancer joins Gunbreaker as one of the new jobs in Shadowbringers. This ranged attacker not only unleashes powerful attacks using throwing weapons, but also performs dances to execute abilities and provide beneficial effects to their party. A first trailer for the dancer can be found here.
  • – New Player Race, “Hrothgar”: So, that’s it, we will not be getting male Viera. The male-only Hrothgar player race compliments the recently announced female-only Viera as the second new playable race in Shadowbringers. The Hrothgar and Viera will both have unique, customizable features specific to their races. The Hrothgar reveal trailer can be viewed here.
  • – New Player Cities, “The Crystarium and “Eulmore: Located in Norvrandt, the former will serve as a player hub, while the latter—an affluent city ruled by the elite will play a key role in the Shadowbringers main storyline. You can view footage of both cities by clicking on their names.
  • – New Raid, “Eden”: This new high-end raid content will feature multiple challenging bosses, as well as a new character—both designed specifically for this raid series by KINGDOM HEARTS Director and FINAL FANTASY series veteran, Tetsuya Nomura. Note: “Gaia” will Appear in the Eden Raid Series.
  • – New Beast Tribe and Primal: The bearded dwarves, who are are adorable, and the beautifully designed ”sin eater,” Innocence.
  • – New Field Area, “Lakeland”: An absolutely stunning new area, full of colour. A preview of this area is available here.




These features add to the list of exciting previously announced content, including a level cap increase to level 80, the Trust system—which provides a new opportunity for solo play, a new 24-player alliance raid series entitled “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse”, New Game+, and end-game content for crafters and gatherers which sees the Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard.



Then, the next day, we had the Letter from the Producer Live, revealing:
  • – Patch 4.56 – Coming on this Tuesday (March 26th), and will include the MSQ leading up to Shadowbringers, the conclusion (for now) of the Hildibrand series, and the new beast tribe quests.
  • – Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event – On April 16th, players will be able to take part in this event, giving the players access to Noctis’ gear and hairstyle, as well as the first four-player mount, the Regalia. This is a limited event, running until May 27th, so don’t miss out.
  • – Patch 4.57 – Arriving on April 23rd, this will bring the much anticipated World Visit system to the game.
  • – Benchmark and Patch 4.58 – Both due in May, the Benchmark will allow you to download a client to test out the character creator for Shadowbringers, so you can see if you would change to Viera or Hrothgar. Patch 4.58 will bring various patches and fixes to gameplay.
  • – Zenos yae Galvus for DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT – Coming to Japan arcades this Tuesday (March 26th) and the Playstation 4 and Steam editions on April 11th.
  • – Dad of Light Movie – Currently available as a serial on Netflix, the heartwarming story of a father and son that bond through Final Fantasy XIV will be coming as a movie. This show is highly recommended if you haven’t seen it, but prepare for tears.



That was everything from the Tokyo Fan Fest, and we now can’t wait for July. But what do you think? Are you looking forward to Shadowbringers? Will you be making a new character or changing to Viera or Hrothgar? What’s your favourite of the new areas revealed? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter, and check back for more coverage of Final Fantasy XIV and other Japanese titles.


Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV is due for release on July 2nd 2019. Interested? You should definitely grab a copy and join us in Eorzea!


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