Exclusive: Studio Coattails’ Next Project is National Park Girls

We’re pleased to be announcing Studio Coattail’s next project, National Park Girls, which is a 5-episode visual novel focusing on national parks. Eve works at Yosemite National Park, where she’s working to fulfil her dream of protecting and preserving nature, but budgets – and people – get in the way.


national park girls


The bio for the game describe’s Eve’s adventure to follow her dreams, and she does so with the help of the parks themselves! Of course, they’re re-imagined as girls here, but they too share her dream of being better taken care of.


All Eve ever wanted was to protect and preserve the land, but after five years of being a ranger in Yosemite National Park, she’s just about ready to throw in the towel. The people are careless, her co-workers are annoying, and thanks to an increasingly tight budget she can hardly do her job. Fed up and burned out, Eve lashes out, but after being transferred to a remote cabin post in return, she only finds herself more uncertain of the value of being a ranger. Soon after arriving, three strange girls corner her in the cabin. Not only do they claim to live there, but they also say they’re the manifestations of Zion, Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks! Are these girls really who they say they are? Why is Yosemite so obsessed with her research? And why does one of them have a volcano on their head? Follow Eve as she gets closer with these spritely cuties that put the “natural” in “supernatural,” and maybe even discovers a new kind of love for the parks.

National Park Girls is confirmed to have English voice-acting, and the voice-actresses for the main cast have been revealed. Check out who’s involved, as well as a bit more about each character, below!


Eve – Natalie Van Sistine




Jessie Hayvers – Daisy Guevara




Yosemite – Rachael Messer




Yellowstone – Jill Harris




Zion – Lisa Reimold




National Park Girls features several voice-actresses who’ve worked with some of Studio Coattail’s staff before, and Highway Blossoms has been noted for having a fantastic voice-over. This is a great selling point to National Park Girls, but its unique story and excellence of the staff’s previous projects make this one to look out for.


Studio Coattail’s has provided a small bio, if you want to learn more about the team.


Studio Coattails is a group of international talents, with many members having several years of experience in the visual novel and doujin scene. In 2017 we announced our first project, Same as it Ever Was, and now we’re ecstatic to finally show off our next project., National Park Girls. Several of us previously worked on a project called Highway Blossoms, and if you enjoyed that then we hope that NPG will be right up your alley as well. But most of all, we hope that National Park Girls will further our studio’s mission of personifying the abstract, and shed some spotlight on the unique, irreplaceable things not only in the world around us, but in ourselves as well.

There’s no word for when episode one will release, but work is well underway on National Park Girls. You can follow Studio Coattail’s on Twitter, and be sure to check out some of the teams’ other projects including the amazing Highway Blossoms, and the upcoming Same as it Ever Was, and Heart of the Woods.

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