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Hoooooo boy, I don’t even know how to describe my relationship with Fairy Tail. I remember when the series was still new and my hope was that the series would be another great battle manga/anime along the lines of the Big 3. Slowly over time and numerous nakama power-ups, I started to just do my best in enjoying the series for what it was. Alas, this isn’t a review of Fairy Tail, this is a review of its wonderful waifus, of which there are plenty.

I’m convinced that Mashima has that private doujin stash somewhere. If anyone finds it, hit me up.

Levy McGarden

Levy is cute, smart, and EXTREMELY forgiving. A major part of Levy’s story is intertwined with Gajeels, a character who was previously an antagonist who did some pretty messed up stuff to Levy and her allies. Thanks to Levy’s forgiving and warm personality, Gajeel began to understand and atone for what he had done. This then transforms into a relationship between the two which then further escalated to the 2 of them having a child together. 

Ultear Milkovich

Ultear is a character who has suffered from quite a brutal past that made her into the antagonist that she is when we first meet her. She is the daughter of Gray’s teacher, Ur, and is named after the tears of happiness that were shed when he mother gave birth to her. Being born with too much magic power inside of her, to the point of causing Ultear to suffer with intense fevers, Ur takes her to the Bureau of Magical Development in order to help cure her. Here she is essentially abducted and treated as a lab rat. This is where her feelings of resentment and motivations are born. Ultimately though, Ultear is a good hearted character who makes the right choice. 

Kagura Mikazuchi

Originally, Kagura was living a simple yet happy life with her brother Simon. This all changed when her brother was abducted and later killed during the events of the Tower of Heaven arc. Kagura’s sole purpose is to find Jellal, as she believes that he is the one responsible for the death of her brother. Kagura has this constant aloof, beautiful and bad-ass vibe to her at all times, which I’m a big fan of.

Juvia Lockser

Another character that is first introduced as an antagonist to our main characters, Juvia later joins Fairy Tail. She takes a while to warm up to the members of the guild, she eventually drops her barriers and rather rapidly falls in love with Gray Fulbuster. From this point on, Juvia transforms from this depressing character to someone full of life. Love really did a number on her, even if almost all of her advances are met with rejection. She has the ability to control water which is a nice relation to Gray’s magic which focuses on ice.

Lucy Heartfilia

PLOTS. That is the best and most apt word I think of when it comes to Lucy Heartfilia. I want to say ‘Jokes aside’ but I would be lying, Lucy definitely has more to her character than just her breasts. Lucy is essentially the main character of the series alongside Natsu and she has a genuinely interesting background that is deeply rooted in some of the series’ biggest mysteries. She is a bookworm who is also concerned about making sure she looks nice, which is a part of her character that I enjoy.


Another previous antagonist who was a member of the Spriggan 12, even leading her own squad within the guild. She has garnered quite the reputation within the guild and has gained the name “Nation Destroyer”. Brandish becomes friends with Lucy and even saves Natsu’s life with the help of her magical powers. Did I mention her power? She can grow to insane sizes… I’ll stop before I get a little bit to into what this could mean…

Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane was an awesome character that I really wish had more time in the spotlight. From the beginning of the series, you hear about these certain wizards in the guild that are legendary. Mirajane is one of these certain wizards, but we only really get a couple of notable Mirajane moments. Mirajane has a wonderful personality that is the complete opposite of her Satan Soul magical power. She is often found serving drinks at the guild and being an all around lovely person. I appreciate Mirajane.

Erza Scarlet

Now, I still think that Erza is 100% the BEST girl in Fairy Tail. However, she is a character in Fairy Tail, which means that she also has some serious ass-pull power-ups that sometimes make absolutely no sense. Despite this, Erza is a fantastic character outside of this. She is serious, fearsomely powerful, an incredibly loyal ally and she radiates that delightful ‘Onee-chan’ energy. When Erza has a cute moment, they’re some of the cutest moments in the whole of Fairy Tail.

That’s that for the Fairy Tail Waifu review. As always, thanks for reading! Stay safe and healthy!

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