Fairy Tale Delayed Until June

 Fairy Tale Delayed Until June

Koei Tecmo have announced that the Fairy Tail game has been delayed until June in a new press release. This also came with a statement from Keisuke Kikuchi explaining the decision which you can read below. We’ve recently started to get our first glimpses of the game.



fairy tail game


Here’s the statement from Kikuchi-san:


“I am truly sorry for FAIRY TAIL’s delay, and the inconvenience caused to our fans, partners and stakeholders who are looking forward to this title. Please allow us to take further time to polish the game to ensure it is as high quality as possible, so we can offer you a truly immersive experience. We will be working hard to enhance the magic effects, event scene effects, improving the game balance and more! We will talk about the improvements in more detail in the coming months. This delay will allow us to ensure we provide you a much more satisfying game. Thank you for your understanding!”


The game will now release worldwide on June 25, 2020.


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