Falcom financial report details 40th anniversary plans, new Trails game coming in 2021

The Kiseki train has no brakes, with Falcom planning to release yet another Trails entry some time next year.

This news was revealed via Falcom’s latest financial report (thanks to Gematsu for the info and relevant translations), which goes into detail on the company’s plans for its 40th anniversary.

A new Trails game is just one of the console titles its planning to release during 2021. Falcom didn’t go into much detail about any of these future titles, though it’s not unreasonable to assume that at least one of them will be a port or remake, rather than a brand new game.

Plans for releasing games worldwide on multiple platforms have also been made. PS4, Switch, PC, and smartphones are mentioned, which is in line with the multiple third party ports that are currently in development.

Some details for the next Trails entry have already been shared, hinting at big changes to its battle system.

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