Falcom plans to release multiple games in 2021 to celebrate 40th anniversary

Nihon Falcom turns 40 next year. To celebrate the milestone, the company intends to release multiple console games, including a new instalment in the Trails series.

This information comes from Falcom’s latest financial report, and the Trails game was the only one to be mentioned by name. The report explains that, with over five million copies sold, Trails has become a flagship franchise for the company, which is why a new series entry is in development for its 40th anniversary.

Though a Japan-only Trails title, Hajimari no Kiseki, came out in August of this year, the West hasn’t had a Trails game since Cold Steel IV released in 2018. It’ll be interesting to see how three years has changed the franchise.

While there are no further details about specific games Falcom has in the works, the report does have some other key details. For example, the company intends to take its games to new formats, releasing titles for PC, Switch, PS4 and smartphone.

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