Dress up as the King of the Monsters with upcoming Fall Guys Godzilla costume

The ever popular Fall Guys is crossing over with yet another franchise, this time turning the menacing Godzilla into a cute, bean-shaped costume.

Developer Mediatonic announced that a Godzilla crossover would be coming next week. In fact, it’ll start on November 3, otherwise known as Godzilla Day.

As with every costume added to the game, each piece of the Godzilla outfit will cost five crowns each. Mediatonic didn’t give an end date for the crossover, though previous ones usually only lasted a few days. Better start saving up now while you still can.

Even if you happen to miss this outfit, there’ll still be new ones to spend your crowns on in the future. After all, the Sonic costume already came and went earlier this month, so it wouldn’t be too crazy to expect more crossovers in Fall Guys over the next few months and beyond.

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