Fantasy Hero Release Date

 Fantasy Hero Release Date

You’ll remember we were pining after Arc System Works’ action RPG Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy not too long ago. It’s an action-packed loot ’em up that doesn’t look like it takes itself too seriously — the perfect antidote to a genre that can sometimes get a little bit dull. But it looks like the wait won’t be too much longer, as it drops internationally on February 10th (the Americas) and 11th (elsewhere)!


140313FANTASYHERO_ss_03 Fantasy Hero Release Date


      • Choose one of four heroes to save the world, each featuring a different playstyle: slashing, wrestling, shooting, or punching with giant robot fists!
      • Enhance or remodel weapons to create deadly combinations.
      • Fully voice-acted heroes, supporting comrades, and enemies come to life as the story unfolds
      • Complete your party with up to 4 player local co-op
      • Explore the world further with new missions available as DLC.
      • Re-color your characters with Character Color Packs DLC, including colors inspired by Guilty Gear and BlazBlue
    • PlayStation TV Compatible

The world was once at peace. Lush and vibrant, all forms of life lived in harmony.

Mankind lived at one with nature. They settled in the forest, raised families, and passed knowledge to the next generation. They did not live the most prosperous lives, but their survival was a testament to mankind’s willpower, and they enjoyed the blessings of the forest.

Until the Decoders came.

They appeared without warning the day the sky broke open with a blinding light. Some looked like the children of man and beast. Others, like the rocks themselves came to life. With their claws, fangs, and mysterious powers, they slaughtered the innocent. Razing forests and entire villages, the Decoders seized control of the world in a single night. Violence and fear reigned. Those who managed to survive the rampage escaped and lived in fear of discovery.

Twelve years later…

Brave heroes make their last stand against the Decoders to return peace to the world.


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