Fantasy Life Online to get western release

Boltrend Games is continuing its trend of odd mobile game localisations with the announcement of a Fantasy Life Online western release.

Fantasy Life Online is a free-to-play mobile sequel to the 3DS original — it was originally supposed to be called Fantasy Life 2, before being hit by multiple delays.

There are two reasons why this announcement was unexpected. The first is that the game released over three years ago in Japan, making this another late western launch by Boltrend. Second, Level 5 (the developer of Fantasy Life Online) already closed its western branch, leaving titles like Yo-kai Watch 4 without an English release.

There’s currently no release date, though a closed beta test has been announced for Android devices. It’s running from October 28 to November 5, with all data being wiped afterwards. While it’ll only be available on the Play Store in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Finland, Romania, and Argentina, downloading the APK elsewhere probably wont be too hard.

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