Fantasy War Tactics Receives BlazBlue Content Update

Free-to-play mobile SRPG Fantasy War Tactics offers some cool new BlazBlue content in the ‘Fantasy War Tactics x BlazBlue Collaboration’ update! Costumes, characters, items, and more are available for a limited time.



The new update is available now on Google Play and iTunes, and there’s a lot of stuff available! Whether you’re a returning player or new to Fantasy War Tactics, this update is definitely worth checking out.


Fantasy War Tactics x BlazBlue

Enlist four powerful and iconic BlazBlue characters – Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, and Rachel Alucard are all available for recruitment to your team!


Explore Ragna’s Lost Island – Defeat hordes of enemies and unlock Ragna’s Gene Fragments as you uncover the mysteries of Ragna’s Lost Island! Available until 8th December.


Obtain exclusive BlazBlue items – The special BlazBlue packages available in the in-game lobby offer exclusive BlazBlue costumes, items, and equipment! Available until 8th December.


Earn crystals with the Black Edition costumes – By collecting all 4 of the Black Edition costumes in the event, you earn 1,000 crystals! Available until 8th December.


Buy items from the BlazBlue event shop – You can the coins you earn in World Conquest and Dungeons to purchase exclusive BlazBlue items, including Noel’s Gene Fragments, Rachel’s Gene Fragments, the Winner’s Proof, and the Triumphant Bouquet! Available until 14th December.



Fantasy War Tactics is available for Android and iOS.


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