Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden

Survival horrors are an endangered species. You can basically count the number of these types games on the fingers of one hand. Games such as Resident Evil and Dead Space have opted for more action oriented gameplay, a far fetch from what made earlier survival horrors engaging in the first place.


Recently Tecmo Koei along with Nintendo announced the newest installment of the Fatal Frame franchise , or Zero as known in Japan, exclusively for the Wii U. The game is titled Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko which translates to Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden.



You play as Kozukata Yuuri a girl who can see spirits. You are tasked to go to Hikamiyama a sacred mountain famous which is a suicide spot in order to save the people there. The game will heavily use the motif of water as Japanese ghost stories usually do, so Mt Hikamiyama will have a huge lake and the trailer shows frequent rain.


Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_010 Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_004 Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_003

The set-up of fatal frame is very simple, use an old camera called the Camera Obscura, to take photos of ghosts in order to capture them, making your camera is your first and last line of defense. Looking through the focused lens of a camera directly at incoming danger really makes for some tense moments. The entire premise is a dream come true on the Wii U, as now the gamepad will serve as the Camera Obscura through which you will be able to see the dead.



The game will be out in Japan on 27th September, priced at 6,600 Yen. Unfortunately as Wii U is region locked we can’t do anything except wait and hope that one day the same spirits will come to haunt western Wii Us.



Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_007 Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_002 Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_005
Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_009 Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_008 Zero-Nuregarasu-no-Miko_2014_06-17-14_006


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